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Research and development of technological materials

The best GRP solutions for your project

GRP and waterjet specialists

A whole team of professionals at your service, with the aim of offering you the highest quality in each project.

Indemat offers design, machining, moulds, prototypes, parts and testing services. We are able to carry out the complete development of the project, from the initial design, prototyping, mould making, to the verification and delivery of the first production series.

Tell us about your project, we will create it.

We give shape to your idea

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Certified materials

We have mainly studied glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP). With all its variants. Different thicknesses, different sizes, different resins, which give rise to different material properties.

Products adapted to any industry and project

piezas prfv
Manufacturing components for the most diverse industrial sectors, we offer innovative solutions with impeccable structural quality.
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bridas prfv indemat
GRP flanges
We manufacture flanges, blank flanges and blind flanges.
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Sin título-030
GRP plates
GRP plates the process guarantees a high fibre content and tensile strength, eliminating the material's own shrinkage.
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Waterjet cutting
Waterjet cutting machines are able to accurately cut any type of material without losing the properties of the material.
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