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Indemat renews the registration of its carbon footprint

Indemat obtains the ‘Calculation’ Seal from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition by registering its carbon footprint with the Spanish Office of Climate Change.

Indemat S.L., the research and development materials company located in Villavaquerín (Valladolid), has recently obtained the seal certifying its environmental commitment to calculate, reduce, and offset its carbon footprint. The Ministry for the Ecological Transition is responsible for delivering this certification, highlighting companies’ responsibility towards the environment.

The Carbon Footprint Seal consists of three sections – Calculation, Reduction, and Compensation. Each section certifies the level of commitment of Spanish organizations in the fight against climate change. In addition to obtaining the first Calculation section, Indemat is awaiting the seal certifying its commitment to reducing the carbon footprint (Reduzco), the second section of the certification. The company is also on track to certify the Compensation section. This would represent accreditation for all three sections, guaranteeing maximum efforts in environmental preservation.