Management commitment

Management commitment

Indemat, S.L., declares his compromise in develop and establish equality and oportunity politics between women and men, without discrimination, directly or indirectly, based on gender, and the development of measures to get the real equality in our company, establishing the equality of oportunities between women and men as an estrategic principle of our Corporative Policy and human resources, according to the definition of this principle establishing by Constitutional Low number 3/2007, 22nd march, for effective equality between women and men.

In each and every one of fields this company carries out its activity, from selection to promotion, including salary politics, training, working conditions, occupational health, order of working time and balance between work and family time, we asume the principle of equality of oportunities between women and men, giving special attention to direct discrimination, meaning “the situation in which a seemingly neutral provision, criterion or practice puts a person of one gender at a particular disadvantage with respect to people of the other gender”.

Regarding comunication, both internal and external, all decisions taken in this regard will be informed and an image of the company will be projected in accordance with this principle of equal opportunities between women and men.

The stated principles will be put into practice by the promotion of equality measures and/or by the implementation of an Equality Plan that will imply improvements with respect to the present situation, the corresponding monitoring systems being arbitrated, in order to advance in the achievement of real equality between women and men in the company and by extension, in society as a whole.

To carry out this purpose, there will be legal representation of workers, male and female, not only in the process of collective barbaining, as established by Constitutional Low number 3/2007 for effective equality between women and men, but throughout the entire development and evaluation process of the aforementioned equality measures and/or equality plan.

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